About us

Journal's Pub is a leading provider of content solution to enhance the outlook towards research and to improve the quality of scientific communication in research, education and professional practices. We empower researchers and scholars to make better decision and deliver better care to the society by proudly publishing more than 100 multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journals in the fields of science, technology and medicine.

Peer - Reviewed International Journals

Following the fast pace with which the technology is changing we are publishing journals that focus specifically on the new areas of research and more of such content innovation is constantly in process. We constantly endure to understand what scholars or educators, corporate or scientific researchers work and the outcome they desire and take responsibility in creating effective solutions and enable our customers to leverage the information in science, technology and medicine.

We provide a 360 degrees comprehensive publishing solution for conference proceedings. Our research and analysis team is constantly analyzing the interests of the readers to ensure that our target audience gets the best of each discipline.

Journal’s Pub desires to set a good benchmark in the publishing industry and for that we follow strict guidelines for authors and our eminent editorial board members are also dedicated to build a framework that is based on the ethics and virtues of publication. Journal’s Pub safeguards that each article is peer-reviewed and goes through a strict screening process before being published.

As a responsible organization we channel our knowledge and strengths to improve the quality of information that is transferred and help the scientific community make the world a better place.