Frequently asked questions

Below you will find the list of most frequently asked question and answers listed into different groups, if you cannot find answer to your question here please feel free to contact us.


For Subscribers
What disciplines are covered under Journals Pub?

We publish journals under 14 core areas of science, technology and medical. That are:
1. Applied Mechanics
2. Mechanical Engineering
3. Electronics and Telecommunication
4. Chemical Engineering
5. Civil Engineering
6. Architecture
7. Computer Science and Engineering
8. Electrical Engineering
9. Nanotechnology
10. Material Science and Engineering
11. Physics
12. Chemistry
13. Biotechnology
14. Nursing Science

Can I access the journals online?

Yes, all the journals published by us are available online and to access those you either have to subscribe our journal or you need to purchase an article, however abstracts are available free of cost.

How can I purchase single article from Journals Pub?

If you do not have a subscription of a journal and then also you may purchase a single article by paying for the specific article, a PDF link of the article would be made available from the journals website. You can also order for the single printed copy of the article, alternatively you may purchase an issue in which the article is published.

What are the subscription options?

Journals Pub offers a variety of subscription options, the standard (print + online), online only and print only subscription.
1) Online only subscription: subscriber will get access to the online journal/s
2) Print only subscription: you will be entitled to receive a printed copy of all the issues of the journal that you have subscribed
3) Print and online subscription: this standard subscription includes both a print and online access to the journal you have subscribed

What is the time required for the delivery of the journal?

When we receive your payment we will send you an acknowledgment for the same, the online access will be provided to you to a static IP / Username Password based access and the printed copy of the journal will be sent to you after online publication.

How can I subscribe a journal for a year?

You can subscribe a journal by filling up the order from and making payment of the specified subscription fee, we would suggest you to read and review the subscription instructions available on the website for type of subscription and payment method.

How long does an online access or subscription last?

All subscription or online access is made on the calendar year basis that is from January to December and will expire with the last issue of the year.

What happens if I have a problem with online access?

If you have any difficulty in accessing your article online please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

If I have a print only subscription and want to upgrade to both print and online, how should I go about doing this?

If you have either an online or a print only subscription and you want to upgrade to the standard subscription of print plus online subscription then you have to write to us and we will give you details of the changes in price of the two.

For Editors
Why should I become a referee?

Acting as a referee will keep you up-to-date with the latest advancement in the field of science, technology and medicine and is also a sign of progress in your career.

Can I consult my colleague about the paper?

Yes, you can consult your colleague about the paper or manuscript but make sure that you inform the journal prior to that.

Do journals pub provide interface to editors to invite reviewers to monitor the process?

Yes, editors can invite reviewers according to their ease.

Do I have to correct grammar, spelling or the usage-of English mistakes in the paper I have been asked to review?

No, reviewers are not asked to correct mistakes in grammar, spelling and usage-of English, journals have copy editors to do such things, however if the manuscript is written so poorly that the scientific meaning of it cannot be understood or if there are so many mistakes that it makes a manuscript difficult to read, it is sent back to the author for revision

What should I do if an author refers to unpublished work?

Usually authors do not refer to unpublished works but in case if they do and it is impossible for you to access the manuscript without it; journal may try to obtain a copy of that work for you.

What should I do in case of an interdisciplinary paper where I can only access only a part of the manuscript?

You should still write a report and write to us about which part of the manuscript you were not able to access.

For Conference Organizers/ Authors
When can I send the papers of the conference proceeding?

You have to register your conference with Journals Pub and then submit the papers for processing; this can be done throughout the year

What is the impact factor of the journals?

Impact factor of a journal is developed over time, as journals pub is a relatively new journal publisher it would require some time to obtain an impact factor, when the time will be right journals pub will follow the procedure for attainment of the impact factor.

Are journals indexed with indexing sites?

Yes, all journals are indexed with quite a number of indexing sites some of them are
1. Google Scholar
2. Genamics JournalSeek
3. WorldCat
4. The Directory of Research Journal Indexing (DRJI)
5. JournalTOCs
6. Social Science Research Network (SSRN)
7. CAS Chemical Abstracts Service
8. J-Gate etc...

How long will it take to get a report from the reviewer?

This depends upon a lot of factors, including quick responsiveness of the reviewer which may vary from individual to individual.

Is there any template to be followed before the submission of the manuscript?

Yes, journals pub do provide a template and instruction that have to be followed before submission of the manuscript, for further instruction on this we suggest you to read the authors guidelines

Is there any fee that is required for the submission of the article?

No, Journals Pub does not charge anything from the authors or conference organizers to get their papers or proceedings published.