An Exploratory Analysis of Hypertension Awareness Among Patients with High Blood Pressure

Volume: 10 | Issue: 01 | Year 2024 | Subscription
International Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing
Received Date: 02/27/2024
Acceptance Date: 04/03/2024
Published On: 2024-04-12
First Page: 10
Last Page: 19

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By: Nakka Surya Teja


Introduction: Hypertension stands as a persistent health issue, significantly contributing to the development of coronary heart disease, stroke, and various other vascular conditions. As the most prevalent cardiovascular disorder, it represents a significant public health dilemma. According to the World Health Organization, hypertension is a leading cause of death, responsible for 20.5% of total global mortality. Hypertension is termed the “silent killer,” as hypertension is often asymptomatic. It is the major risk factor for the main cause of death in the adult population worldwide. So, creating a safe and supportive environment and adapting the living situation to the needs of the person with hypertension disease is an important statement of the problem. Objectives: The objectives of this study are to evaluate the understanding of hypertension among patients with this condition in a chosen location in Guntur and to investigate any correlations between patients’ knowledge levels about hypertension and various demographic factors. Methodology: This study utilized a descriptive approach, selecting participants through convenience sampling methods. Information was gathered from individuals diagnosed with hypertension living in Gullapalli. Data analysis consists of descriptive and inferential statistics. Result: The results revealed that out of 60 hypertensive patients, 22 (36.67%) had an inadequate level of knowledge, 24 (40%) had a moderate level of knowledge, and 14 (23.33%) had an adequate level of knowledge on hypertension. In demographic variables, education, family income, duration of suffering, sources of health information, and taking regular medication were significantly associated at p < 0.05. Conclusion: Even though hypertension is one of the most dangerous diseases, it can be controlled by a self-limiting condition where the individual has to follow regular health checkups, complete treatment, dietary changes, and lifestyle modification. Therefore, knowledge of hypertension among hypertensive patients plays a vital role in controlling and preventing further complications

Keywords: Hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertensive patients, vascular conditions



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