IOT-enabled Anti-poaching System for Protecting Wildlife and Forests Through Advanced Monitoring and Alert Mechanisms

Volume: 10 | Issue: 01 | Year 2024 | Open Access
International Journal of Animal Biotechnology and Applications
Received Date: 02/21/2024
Acceptance Date: 03/11/2024
Published On: 2024-04-01
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By: Khallikkunaisa, Vignesh V, Yashu H.S., Yashvanth K.S, and Yathin A


Forests are essential for preserving the intricate ecological harmony of our planet, serving as critical habitats for numerous animal species. Unfortunately, this equilibrium is increasingly jeopardized not only by illegal logging but also by the scourge of animal poaching the global demand for exotic animal parts and products fuels poaching, which presents a major menace to wildlife populations across the globe. The repercussions of poaching extend far beyond individual animals. It disrupts entire ecosystems, destabilizing predator-prey dynamics and leading to imbalances that can have cascading effects throughout the food chain. Additionally, the depletion of keystone species resulting from poaching can cause significant and enduring impacts on the general well-being and adaptability of ecosystems. To address the menace of poaching, our proposed IoT-enabled Anti-poaching system offers a multifaceted approach. While it primarily focuses on detecting and deterring illegal logging activities, it also serves as a powerful tool in combating wildlife crime. By deploying a network of sensors and employing artificial intelligence algorithms, the system can detect and respond to suspicious activities in real-time, thereby providing enhanced protection for vulnerable animal populations. The data collected by the Anti-poaching system can be invaluable for law enforcement agencies and conservation organizations in their efforts to combat wildlife trafficking networks. By leveraging technology to disrupt poaching operations and protect endangered species, we can work towards ensuring a more secure future for wildlife and the ecosystems they inhabit. In addition to its primary focus on combating illegal logging and poaching, our proposed IoT-enabled Anti-poaching system offers comprehensive protection for wildlife and their habitats. Continuously observing forested regions enables the system to identify and address various threats, including habitat encroachment, conflicts between humans and wildlife, and the introduction of invasive species. Furthermore, by utilizing advanced tracking and identification technologies, it can aid in the conservation efforts of endangered species, allowing for targeted interventions such as habitat restoration and captive breeding programs. By implementing these strategies, our Anti-poaching system plays a role in conserving biodiversity and protecting our planet’s invaluable natural heritage.

Keywords: Internet Of Things, Poaching of Trees, forest fire, Animal health monitoring and tracking, Wildlife trafficking, Predator-Prey dynamics, Animal Welfare



How to cite this article: Khallikkunaisa, Vignesh V, Yashu H.S., Yashvanth K.S, and Yathin A, IOT-enabled Anti-poaching System for Protecting Wildlife and Forests Through Advanced Monitoring and Alert Mechanisms. International Journal of Animal Biotechnology and Applications. 2024; 10(01): -p.

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