Dr. Shashi Saxena (Editor)

[email protected] |
Professor in department at LNCT University
Plot 92, Neeraj Griha Nirman Sahkari Samiti, Bawadia Kalan,, Bawadia Kalan Bhopal India 462022
Editor in International Journal of Sustainable Building Technology


1.Shashi Saxena, Dr. Anupama Sharma, “Identity, Aesthetic and Ionic Values of Atrium: Reflecting Role in Architecture” IJESTA Engineering Studies and Technical Approach, Volume 03, No. 11, Nov 2017. ISSN No 2395-0900
2.  Shashi Saxena, Dr.Anupama Sharma,” Assessing Energy Preservative Measures and Substantial Parameters for Optimizing Cooling Performance in Atrium Buildings”
International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE)( SCOPUS) ISSN: 2277- 3878, Volume-7 Issue-1, March 2018
3. Shashi Saxena, Dr.Anupama Sharma, “Thermal Comfort in Atriums: Assessment and Control” submitted in IJESTA International Journal of Engineering Studies and Technical Approach, Acceptance awaited.
4. Shashi Saxena, Dr.Anupama Sharma, “Assessing the Impact of Skylight Design on Daylight Availability and Visual Comfort in Top-Lit Atriums for Commercial Buildings: A Case of Bhopal” submitted in IJISRT (International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology), Acceptance awaited.