Tibia/Shin Bone Fracture: Its Surgical Management

Volume: 07 | Issue: 01 | Year 2024 | Subscription
International Journal of Medical Surgical Nursing
Received Date: 02/09/2024
Acceptance Date: 03/20/2024
Published On: 2024-03-26
First Page: 53
Last Page: 56

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By: Ananda Kudari and Sumangala B R


Tibia is also called shin bone. A fracture occurs when there is a disruption in the continuity of a bone. A crack or break in the tibial bone, also called a tibial fracture, is one of the most painful and disrupted conditions of the lower limb. This type of fracture is caused by accidents, falls, collisions, twisting, sports, etc. Pain, bleeding, tissue injury, tingling, and other symptoms are common in this condition. With the help of X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs, we can diagnose the fracture and its extent of injury. There are many treatment modalities, which include non-surgical and surgical treatments. We can prescribe broad-spectrum antibiotics for diminishing bacterial growth and oral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for pain relief. Other types of drugs are also prescribed to decrease pain and promote healing. Dietary management also helps in healing injuries and promoting health. Rehabilitation of the patient is also one of the paramount modalities to bring the person back to normal or nearly normal functioning.

Keywords: Fracture, injury, rehabilitation, surgery, Tibia, X-ray



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